Inscription in the Tomb of Khui Mentioned “Kush” – Nearly 2150 B.C

This inscription stands as a proof that Kush is an ancient name, which the Kushites had chosen for themselves, and it was not just a biblical name.


One of the pillars contains the following text over Khnemhotep, one of the officials so commonly called hrpsh, who is carrying offerings to Khui (Hwy):

“The brp-sh, Khnemhotep, says: “I went forth with my lord, the count and treasurer of the god, Thethi (Tty) to Kush, and (my lord the count and treasurer of the god), Khui (Hwy), to Punt, II times.

I was brought back in safety after I had visited these countries.”



Thethi is a name of a tomb close by the tomb of Khui.




July 17th, 16



1- James Breasted – Ancient Records of Egypt

2- Picture from the Temple of Kom Ombo – AswanKom Ombo Temple